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2014 Food & Drink Team

The 2014 Food & Drink Team, a partnership approach between various organisations including Scotland Food & Drink, Scottish Enterprise, Scottish Government and EventScotland, worked together to help the food & drink sector make the most of the opportunities that the major events in 2014 (XX Commonwealth Games, The Ryder Cup and Homecoming Scotland).

The team’s vision is that by 2015, Scotland is truly recognised as a land of food and drink and, in the process, companies will have reaped business benefits including increased sales, enhanced capability and greater collaboration. In the process it will help the industry reach its goal of growing the value of the sector to £12.5bn by 2017.

2015 is The Year of Food and Drink which will build on the momentum generated by Homecoming Scotland 2014 and further develop the country's reputation as a Land of Food and Drink. 2015 is a chance to spotlight and celebrate Scotland's natural larder and promote increased use of Scottish produce across the tourism and events industry.

A range of projects and activities are underway to ensure that the best of Scottish produce is featured at these major events and beyond, boosting the country’s reputation as a place for outstanding produce made with passion and pride. Further information about the team, its ambitions and projects underway can be found at the 2014 Food & Drink website.