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Legacy Story

More than half a billion homes on each day of the competition tuned in to The Ryder Cup, with 45,000 spectators from 80 countries in attendence – the magnitude of this event was huge.

Key areas which will be legacy driven are as follows:

  • Business Engagement - For Scottish businesses, it might mean help to win an event-related contract or paving the way for new business opportunities at home or overseas.
  • Young People and Children - For a young person, it might mean securing a new job or an apprenticeship linked to the event - a chance to learn new skills and gain experience.
  • Domestic Golf Tournaments - For golf events in Scotland it means a strengthened portfolio of annual professional men’s and women’s golf tournaments, resulting from specific investment in this area from 2003-2018.
  • Communities/ Infrastructure Upgrade - For communities, it’s about improving local facilities. It’s also about spreading benefits to some of our most vulnerable communities and recognising the continued commitment of others.
  • Charities - A selection of official local and national, will benefit from an association with the event: Friends of St Margaret's Hospital, Auchterarder; Perth & Kinross Disability Sport and Quarriers.
  • Sustainability - For the environment, it’s about integrating best practice in environmental and sustainability issues which will be delivered across all elements of the staging of The Ryder Cup.

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